Malay Apple Tree (syzygium malaccense)

Malay apple tree though showy, the flowers are hidden by the foliage until they fall and form a lovely carpet on the ground. The fruit are bell shaped and can be up to eight inches long. The taste can be described as a rose water flavored apple, and they have a thin smooth waxy skin, rose red or crimson colored. The tantalizing interior flesh is white, crisp, juicy and sweet with a floral hint. is rather fast-growing, reaching 40 to 60 ft in height, and has an erect trunk to 15 ft in circumference and a pyramidal or cylindrical crown. Evergreen leaves are soft-leathery, dark-green and fairly glossy on the upper surface, paler beneath, 6 to 18 inches long, 3 1/2 to 8 inches wide. In Indonesia, the flowers are eaten in salads or are preserved in sirup. Young leaves and shoots, before turning green, are consumed raw with rice or are cooked and eaten as greens.

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